My friend... 

it's time to stop sacrificing your learners' social-emotional needs on the alter of cognitive skills.

Because guess what?

If your students are actually going to learn from you, you gotta 'Maslow' before you 'Bloom'!

In other words, you need to forge solid, social relationships with your learners before they'll *ever* trust you to guide them academically.  

I mean, isn't that why you dreamed of becoming a teacher in the first place?

To CONNECT with students and impact their lives?

to be a role model + a mentor to young adults...

You could get on their level.  You can empathize with young adults.  In your heart you absolutely knew, 'hey, I'm *made* to do this!'

to fill the learning process with wonder + excitement...

You became a teacher because you want your students to fall in love with learning, just like you did.  You hope to bring a sense of wonder and excitement to the process they've yet to experience.

to make a real difference on their future trajectory...

You care about students. And you know what a memorable learning experience can do for their lives.  You got into this profession because you were ready to do whatever it took to open doors for your learners.

Well, I've got news, brave teacher...

It's time to retire those top-down demands and re-claim control over your curriculum!

What if I told you it's 100% possible to teach content your students love while still addressing the standards you're required to teach?!

Your days of white-knuckling writing instruction are over, ma' friends!

Forget about forcing your students to complete written assignments.  You'll no longer need to bribe them to revise.  Long gone are the moans and groans when you mention writing practice.

I've dredged up the ~deep research~ and I've done the heavy-lifting myself....and now I've got the ultimate lesson plan that will get your students writing because they want to, not because they have to.

In tackling this 3-step activity, your grading piles will be lighter, yet your students' understanding of the writing process will be stronger

All while getting to know your learners for the ~actual~ humans they are...


What Teachers are Saying...

"Jill Pavich gives you the permission and freedom to explore what you instinctively know to be true, as a teacher, while also showing you how to align that ingenuity and creativity with the demands of the systems we teachers must work within. She's what we've all been waiting for."

Jen Marquis
secondary ELA teacher

It's time to restore your classroom to the social safe-haven it's supposed to be (so that *REAL* learning can actually take place!)


Craft compelling visual stories backed by persuasive facts or ideas, while also learning about today’s modern mediums for communication (in this case, social media!).

A comprehensive lesson plan in a league. of. its own... 

  • It invites the use of social media but for academic purposes...and without the distraction.
  • It's intentionally designed to mimic the same set of decision-making skills students use when writing essays.
  • It builds a genuine foundation for formal writing by meeting students 'where they are' FIRST.

To put this lesson plan into action, all you need to do is:




Now I get it if you're hesitant...leaning on social media for learning?!  Sounds suspect, right?

But here's the thing...

Just because WE didn't grow up knowing how to leverage online platforms for academic and professional reasons (I had to teach myself that!) doesn't mean our students don't deserve this know-how.

For our learners, having a digital footprint is no longer an *option*.

Question is: what role will YOU play in helping them shape it?

Communicating online involves reading, writing, using your own voice, and listening to those of others. As secondary ELA teachers, this is *definitely* our department!

Learning Targets

This activity will take learning well beyond the status-quo cognitive...

So, 3 basic choices, then...


Yep.  Keep on keepin'-on with the uphill battle to get your learners to grasp those cognitive concepts.

If you're cool with the culture you've built, if you don't feel the need to know your students deep-down in order to get the job done...

Then maybe you don't need the approach this activity invites.

But if you're like, 'hmm...I think we could use a lil social uplift 'round here!', then you've got two more options yet.

2 | Do It Yo'Self.

If you seek out fresh instructional strategies on the regular, you're probably used to designing learning experiences all by your lonesome.

But how long does it take you?

First, you gotta collect the research, then flesh out the concept.  Next it's onto creating the resources.  Eventually, after days and days of toiling, you've got that lesson plan right where you want it (whew!).

(But it didn't come without a whole lotta blood, sweat-n-tears, for real!)


You've got the great idea but ZERO time to build it out.  So there it lies, bound in that spiral notebook until 'one day' when you get around to implementing it (ouch).

3 | Let Me Be Your Guide.

Now I won't boast a done-for-you model...

The best teachers know there's no such thing.  In the interest of your own, unique teaching circumstances, I know you'll want to put your own thumb-print on this one.

(What great teacher wouldn't?!)

But I definitely deliver the closest thing to it...a step-by-step, immediately implementable action plan for connecting with your students in the most genuine way while building their trust and teaching them writing skills *at the same time*. 

I'm here to guide you, and I'm both happy + humbled to help you.  So let me do that job!

Frequently Asked Questions

I've Got the A's to Your Q's...

Would you believe me if I said *forever*?!

Yep, you paid for 'em, so the content is yours to keep, always-and-forever.

(And if there ever comes a day when I decide to take the materials down from my site or from the platform they're housed on, you'll get *plenty* of advanced notice to download all contents prior to my doing so.)

There are 5 videos in this mini-module.  Each video is approximately 5 minutes long...

So that's less than a half-hour of your time to get through the core video material! 

PDFs and videos are fine for explaining just how this lesson goes down.  But I also nested this activity inside an online project management tool (complete with checklists and everything!) because it's one that can serve your lesson planning *well beyond* this activity alone.

So I couldn't resist...I just had to turn you on to it!

[And just to make sure you feel all warm and fuzzy about the tech (i.e. if technology scares you, that is), I offer a brief tutorial inside your dashboard to help you navigate this bad-*ss project management platform (you're welcome!)]

One hundred percent. 

Your school might not permit the use of online platforms such as social media, or your students might not be ready just yet to use these.

And I get that.

Which is why I offer a modified approach that still exposes student work to audiences beyond yourself, but without the headache of overstepping any 'red tape'.

Don't worry, brave teacher...I've got your bases covered.  We'll be keeping their safety and your job in check!




Still Got Questions?

I've got answers! Drop me a line at hi@edpioneer.com and I'll be sure to get back to you lickety-split!


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